PhotoJoseph in Ashland, Oregon

Welcome, local businesses and residents. I am Joseph Linaschke, aka "PhotoJoseph", photographic storyteller. I moved to this wonderful town in mid-2011, and opened a studio on the south end of town on Benson Way in early 2013.

If your business or family is in need of any photographic services — studio or location — I'd love to discuss it with you. Below you can find examples of my work around town, and you can reach me here.

Rogue Valley Homeopathy at 208 Oak St., #303 in Ashland

Rogue Valley Homeopathy offers holistic health care here in Ashland. From, "Homeopathy heals mental, emotional, & physical problems without side effects".

These images were created to tell the story of what it feels like to spend time at Rogue Valley Homeopathy, along with some simple, clean business portraits of the owner, John Ourant. 


Kattywampus Circus Spectacular in Ashland

Kattywampus  def.  “Imagine if the Moulin Rouge were sucked through a psychedelic portal and exploded into Wonderland!! FANTASTICAL FUN! ANYTHING is possible and nothing is tabu!”

The Kattywampus was a ridiculously fun affair in Ashland; it was circus, vaudeville and burlesque all rolled into one epic party. And I was there with a photo booth to document the best (and worst!) of it. You can see more at

Al Huth, Infinite Magician in the Rogue Valley

Al Huth, local magician, needed some updated portraits for his books and general marketing. We had a lot of fun in the studio shooting happy, family friendly, clean and simple photos — just like his magic show. If you need a magician for your party, be sure to check out

"The Sculpture Series" hanging at Liquid Assets at 96 North Main St. in Ashland

My photography show "The Sculpture Series" hangs at Liquid Assets from early May through June 21st, 2013. If you're in Ashland do be sure to stop by, as it's likely the only time all eight pieces will be hanging together. You can see the images online and read all about the project at

Plaza Inn & Suites at Ashland Creek at 98 Central Ave. in Ashland

I photographed the lobby, several outdoor scenes, and a couple of rooms for a Groupon promotion for the Plaza Inn & Suites at Ashland Creek. Groupon does their own post-processing to create very gentle HDR images that show the rooms at their best along with clear views of the outdoors, which you can see in the Groupon slideshow below. Underneath that however I took some creative liberties with one of the scenes and produced a more intense HDR look.

Here's a very different approach to the image. This look is very much in style right now, and is something I'd be happy to produce for any client. It lends itself extremely well to nighttime scenes (especially with holiday lights on your building!).

This extreme HDR look of the lobby at the Plaza Inn & Suites at Ashland Creek is quite fun, and can be a great way to represent your property or product in a hyper-real way.

Gallery Hanging at Liquid Assets at 96 North Main St. in Ashland

For two months, I had a gallery hanging at Liquid Assets. My showing was black and white printed on metal, and looked fantastic! Here are a few photos of the hanging, and below that is a gallery of all the images shown. These are still available for purchase at

Taroko Pan Pacific Bistro at 62 East Main St. in Ashland

I photographed a series of dishes for Taroko for their website. These can be seen in the main banner at the top of

 Taroko of Ashland's website

Taroko of Ashland's website

Boulton & Son Butchers at 165 E Main Street in Ashland

I worked with Jonathan and Elisa Boulton, the owners of Boulton & Son, long before they opened their doors to create a series of photographs of their locally sourced animals from the various farms in the valley. These photos can currently be seen hanging in their shop, as very large format prints, as well as on their website,