(Written Friday May 4, 17:41 Kenya time – regarding Wed May 2, mid-morning)

Well I'm impressed. One of the orphans, Moses, wanted to talk politics. American politics. Moses is in high school, with a B– average (third highest in his class), and his goal is to go to Kabarak University near Nakuru to study business administration. He wanted to clarify a U.S. presidents term. How many years, how many terms? In Kenya it's similar; two terms max but a term is five years instead of four. He knows that Hilary Clinton is running for president, and knows that Obama is too. Although I've found that everyone here knows about Obama, and many ask me about him. Apparently he's Kenyan (or of Kenyan descent – I didn't know that). So people here are quite interested. They are very curious to know if the American public is ready for a black president. Are we? Anyone who wants to write to Moses, you can reach him at korirenges at yahoo dot com. Tell him you're responding to my blog entry, I'm sure he'd love to hear from anyone.