Again, here is my "arrival" experience as I rode from the Bangkok airport to the hotel. As well as the first evening of dinner because, well, it's fun ;-) And it'll be a few before I get to properly blog that. So here you go.

Arriving in Bangkok…

Well that was... interesting. Now spending 3am to 5am at the airport waiting to fly to Bangkok.

Bangkok for the weekend!

What's the Rupee worth? Thai currency exchange desk: "NO! No Indian!!!"

Never seen such massive advertisements draped over buildings. 15-20 story BMW ad!

Starbucks in Bangkok.... look I know it's wrong, but I needed a damn double-cap, b'okay?

Girl sleeping (?) in phonebooth, legs out to sidewalk. No one helping her; nor stealing her purse. Yes she's breathing.

Just saw my first elephant walking down the sidewalk... on a leash.

Mmm Thai street food. Chicken skewers, 10 Baht ea. That's about 33 cents. Yum.

Crispy chicken to die for. Bring this recipe stateside and give the Colonel a run for his money!

And something wrapped in a Betelnut (?) leaf. Mystery food. Inthink it was raw beef with almonds. Nope, not that dumb.

And now noodles at yet another vendor. What a meal.