Here's a few shots of the rear-end of Olympic Village; the "back lot", if you will. Certainly not glamorous, but an interesting view of some of the behind the scenes action.

First a small portion of the broadcast dish array behind the IBC (International Broadcast Center). This was one of the smoggier days, so you can see the yellow haze blocking the sun. Even though it was only 6 in the evening, there was very little light and no shadows. (more photos after the jump)

Dish array

There are massive barracks — sorry, dormitories — on the Village grounds where many of the volunteers live, probably with the security forces and other workers as well. I don't know, but I'd imagine that these folks come from all over the place, many likely from outside of Beijing, so living on-site makes things easier for all. But I'm guessing here.

Below you can see a troop of volunteers lining up for duty. Everything is very uniform and organized.


The transportation for the media is impressive. Below you'll see the IBC and MPC (Main Press Center, where I've been spending my days), and the bus parking lot. Every 20, 30 or 60 minutes (depending on the time of day), 24 hours a day, an army of busses head out to their scheduled destinations. This includes all the major hotels and every sporting venue—some of which are quite far away. Riding any one of these will put you next to various journalists, photographers, videographers and more, from pretty much every corner of the world you can name. The organization and promptness of the busses are amazing. Don't be 30 seconds late for your bus; you'll probably miss it!

Busses behind the IBC and MPC

Busses behind the IBC and MPC