Fellow travelers, photographers, family, friends, and random strangers who have stumbled in, welcome to the new Confessions of a Travel Junkie blog! I've been trying for months to get a better site up, first pushing google's blogger to the limits (which is great, by the way—I simply outgrew it), then sampling WordPress (powerful but waaaaaaaay too much work for me. I think you need a web team to use their advanced templates!), and eventually settling on TypePad.

This service has allowed me to merge a couple of blogs together; something I've been wanting to do for a long time. It allows me a lot more flexibility in how my site looks and feels, and I really like the clean, Mac-like interface of the TypePad management site. (I do wish this worked in Safari though… hint hint!). And it has an iPhone app for publishing, which is just cool.

While TypePad is a paid service, it's well worth it for the support alone. I've posted a few quesitons to the support system and had answers in less than a day; something I unfortunately couldn't get with blogger. But that's a free service, so you can't complain can you.

So now that all the old posts are moved, there's a lot of clean-up to do. If you find broken links (very likely as old posts that point to other old posts will need their URL's changed), please do let me know. Follow the "What is this site, anyway?" link in the sidebar for a direct email link to me. You could just leave a comment, but an email would be nicer to tell me something is broken.

One major thing I have to update for every single post is to change my "labels" into "categories". This is a manual process and will take time! If you look at an old post that has "labels" text at the bottom of the post, and no categories assigned to it, then I haven't gotten to it yet. Please don't tell me those are broken… I know. But if you're on one that looks like it's been cleaned up but still has flaws, I wanna hear about it.

You'll need to update your RSS feeds; see the link at the top left for that.

Twitter followers are all unaffected.

If you need to get to the old site, it's now listed as http://confessions-of-a-travel-junkie.blogspot.com/

I think that's it. Welcome to the party, and let me know what you think in the comments!