Saturday night I shot the San Francisco Twilight Criterium, a bike race in the city that went from 5pm to after 9pm. The first run was Men’s Amateurs, followed by a Children’s “race”, then the Women’s Pro and finally Men’s Pro. Shooting a bike race at night certainly has its challenges, beyond the obvious “it’s dark out there!”. There were flood lights around the course, providing hot-spots of light at each turn and about mid-way down each straight. However the lights were pointed at the riders’ backs, so as not to blind them of course—but which happens to be very inconvenient for photography!

The gallery has a TON of photos posted; these are all available for the riders so basically anything that’s in focus went online. I like the idea that in some photos, the only face in focus in the middle of a big pack is “Bob”, and when “Bob” finds that photo, he’ll be able to show it off as if the image is all about him. Which of course, it is ;-)

Just one of my favorites from each segment here (I’m obviously keen on the dynamic blurred action shots), and the full 820 (out of 2687 shot—yeah, there’s a lot of throw-away in a shoot like this!) are all on the gallery.

Men's Professional, San Francisco Twilight Criterium 2008

Women's Professional, San Francisco Twilight Criterium 2008





Men's Amateur, San Francisco Twilight Criterium 2008


Men's Pro Winner, San Francisco Twilight Criterium 2008



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