By now you probably have seen that Canon announced the new EOS 1D Mk IV camera, and if you track this sort of thing, Vincent Laforet got his hands on a prototype a few weeks ago (undoubtedly due to his success with “Reverie”, shot on a 5D Mk II prototype) and proceeded to shoot the shit out of the camera. It’s performance in low light is nothing less than phenomenal. In fact he called his blog post announcing the short film “Lights Out, Camera, Action!

Unfortunately I didn’t get my hands on the camera myself, but what I did get my hands on was the behind the scenes footage from “Nocturne”. I’m editing it for Vincent now, and we’ll post it soon—probably tuesday night. There’s enough traffic on his site right now from everyone watching “Nocturne”; killing SmugMug and Vimeo’s servers wasn’t part of the bargain ;-)

You can read more about the behind the scenes on Stu Maschwitz’s site now, and see the video tomorrow.

On location shooting Nocturne in downtown Los Angeles. Video still from scenes shot by Joshua Lipton and Matt Louie