At PhotoPlus Expo last week I was introduced to Roxanne Benton of Pixel2Canvas by one of my favorite people in the world, Bobby Davis. Bob uses Roxanne’s prints for his weddings, and that frankly is enough of an endorsement for me! Then on Tuesday at “Real Time Community” with Dane Sanders, Scott Bourne was talking about his print sales, and it frankly seems like a silly idea not to start selling some of my best images this way, too.

Next week I’m going to visit Roxanne’s studio and make some selections on just what print types and sizes I want to offer, but suffice it to say these will be stunning prints, and sold large. As much as I love computers, there’s nothing better than seeing a photo in print, and printed BIG. It’s what all those pixels were created for.

This also means I need to start selecting some images to print and offer. Here’s a couple of the first ones I’ll make available… and I’m having the Indian beggar boy test printed to see in person next week.

If you’re interested in purchasing prints, please contact me directly.

A young beggar boy at the Dadar train station in Mumbai, India. He stepped in front of my lens and refused to leave until I made a photo. He obviously knew something I didn’t.

An Empty Road in Colorado, USA, shot during the Race Across America, 2006

Twilight view of Saint Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest, Hungary

Manhattan, as seen from the ferry ride from New Jersey