Vincent Laforet’s short film “Nocturne”, shot on the Canon EOS 1D Mk IV, initially released on October 19, then removed per Canon’s requesthas finally been re-released, so I can now share the behind-the-scenes video I edited for Vincent that I blogged about all those months ago. Without any further ado… here you go [or play on Vimeo if you prefer]. More info on the video at the bottom.

I edited the video, and shooting credit goes to Joshua Lipton and Matt Louie. Edited in Final Cut from a mix of raw H.264 footage straight off the camera and some that had been converted to ProRes. Mostly edited on a flight to New York on the way to Photo Plus Expo, in anticipation of releasing it right away, but by the time I’d landed the Nocturne had been pulled… and that brings us to today. It’s only now that Canon has officially released the video that we’re finally able to share the “behind the scenes”. You can also read more about working on the shoot on Stu Maschwitz’s site