It’s 2:00am and I’m just back from this shoot, which turned out really well and was loads of fun. While I’m backing up files, here’s a quick look at the behind-the-scenes. Once the final selects are made I’ll post those too, but for now, here’s the setup. 

This is taken at the end of the shoot (I threw the Pocket Wizard on the Olympus E-P1 for these shots). Earlier in the evening, that light that’s front-and-center in this photo was on the floor and heavily gelled blue, and there was a table in front of the boys. There’s the big umbrella light (un-gelled) with a few sheets of foam core blocking light, a light on the floor behind the couch gelled red, and a fourth light outside shining through the window, also gelled red, and also on a Pocket Wizard.

Band “Morrownow” and me, sitting too close to the light. Notice the red light in the window? Light #4, outside.Band “Morrownow”. You can see all the gobos blocking light from the red-lit wall and such.