My journey to Slovenia is a long one. This is the second time I’ve traveled there, and both times it’s been on mileage awards tickets through American Airlines. One of the awards-rules is that you have to leave the U.S. on American equipment, so that limits your options (meaning I can’t take, say, a British Airways flight from SFO to LHR on points). Since there are no AA Europe-bound departures from SFO, I have to make a connection somewhere else in the U.S. Then to further complicate things, there are no direct flights into Ljubljana on a One World airline from London (only a connection through Budapest), which means if I want to actually fly into Slovenia, it’s a four-flight journey. Ugh. Therefore both times I’ve flown into Vienna instead, where my girlfriend picks me up and we drive to Slovenia.

We wanted to visit the Ljubljana market on Saturday morning, as that’s the best day of the big indoor/outdoor market in the Slovenian capital. Arriving Friday evening into Vienna and being at the market in Ljubljana in the morning means there’s some driving to be done. So we hit the road, stopping in Maribor for a burger (served on exquisite bread, I must say), and eventually stopped for the night in a little town just outside Ljubljana called Kamnik.

The place we stayed is a “Penzion”; basically a Bed & Breakfast, called Prenočišče Kamrica. A small house with a few rooms, where the owners live and serve you breakfast in the morning. And oh, what a breakfast it was. Several kinds of ham. Prosciutto. Salami. Fresh tomatoes, cucumber and peppers. Cheese, bananas, apples, hard boiled eggs, a loaf of fresh bread, jams and jellies and Nutella, and of course, just-made cappuccino’s.

I do love Europe. More photos after the jump.

Lovely breakfast at Prenočišče Kamrica

Lovely prosciutto on bread with tomato


Hard boiled egg

Sweet, lovely Nutella

Prenočišče Kamrica

Prenočišče Kamrica is a lovely B&B, comfortable rooms at a fair rate that close to the capital. The small town of Kamnik is very cute, and the breakfast here is a hell of a way to start your day.

Prenočišče Kamrica
Trg Svobode 2
Kamnik, Slovenia
+386 (0)1 831 77 07

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