As you may know if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I’ve been a busy bunny lately. April had me traveling all around Slovenia (holiday), then New York (where I shot the Seal concert), Las Vegas (family stuff), home for one night then back to Europe for Belfast, Nottingham, Berlin then Hamburg for another client. I’m on my way home now, and will be working on photo-edits and blog entries on the flight. I do try to keep my posts in order, so while some entries are already written, I’ve held back posting until the in-between ones were done.

So just to give you a taste of things to come, here’s a parting image from Hamburg, Germany, made yesterday on May 1 during their “Mayday” holiday, which was a gloriously sunny day that begged to be enjoyed on the lake with a proper German beer—like this Weißbier here. Yum!

A glorious Weißbier, enjoyed on the lake in Hamburg on the Mayday holiday

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