It’s the fourth week of six on the road with Seal, and I haven’t posted a single blog entry here. Terrible, I know. I’ve had enough of a challenge getting the photos up to, but found a groove a couple of weeks or so ago and am now getting the photos from any given show online within 24 hours. Which doesn’t sound like much until you realize that immediately after each show, we get on the bus and drive to the next city, usually sleeping on the bus (kind of a half sleep as the bus rocks along), get into a new city at maybe 5, 6, 11am, then often go back to bed for a few more hours. If there’s another show that night, I’ll scramble to get the photos out before soundcheck ‘cause usually once that starts, I can’t get back onto the computer to finish an edit.

Anyway I’ve started uploading the same photos to my own gallery. You can always see the freshest at but as I can I’ll upload them to my own gallery on (where you can see them larger than on

I’ve uploaded the first five shows; Birmingham, Edinburgh, London, Oxford, and Manchester. We completed show 16 in Lucerne, Switzerland last night, and have just arrived in Carcassonne, France where we have two days off before the show here Tuesday night. 

Here’s a favorite from each of those five shows; click each one to open the complete gallery. 

Seal in Birmingham, EnglandSeal in Edinburgh, ScotlandSeal in London, EnglandSteve “Sid” Sidelnyk on drums in Oxford, EnglandSeal in Manchester, England