Note: I’m posting this in an attempt to solve a problem, NOT to slag off any of the companies involved here. I have friends in all of these places and all I want is to find a solution!

This is a shout-out to see if anyone else has noticed similar problems to what I’m seeing, and to try to narrow the source down. I think the problem is related to the Lexar Professional UDMA FireWire® 800 CF Card Reader and Snow Leopard. Here are the problems I’ve seen since upgrading to Snow Leopard. In order of connection to my Mac, I have two Lexar readers, a Drobo, and then two G-Drive 1TB drives. Removing the two G-Drives made no difference so I put them back on.

Every problem here is intermittent and no where near 100% reproducible. Naturally.

  1. When copying files from a CF card to the Drobo, the Drobo has spontaneously dismounted and powered down (or powered down and dismounted? Don’t know, happens at the same time). I have since moved the Drobo to the front of the FW chain (it was in the middle) per Drobo support advice to see if that helps. The CF card readers are now behind the Drobo, and the G-Drives behind the CF card readers.
  2. On ejecting CF cards (first dismount just fine; then physically eject), Finder pops up the “this disk is unreadable; do you want to format” message. There are other drive(s) mounted, but if you click the “format” button none of them require formatting.
  3. I once had the Finder completely crash (that cascading grey screen of death) when I dismounted two CF cards simultaneously, by selecting both CF cards in the a Finder window in column view and right-click choosing ‘eject’

Please comment if you’ve seen anything like this, or if you have a similar setup, be on the lookout for problems like these and please report back!

Thanks. I’ll pass any findings I have on to Lexar, Data Robotics (Drobo) or Apple.