Update: I have created a dedicated site for this and future eBooks, called ApertureExpert.com. Jump over there to read more about the book than is posted below!

I’ve just released my first eBook, and it’s absolutely packed with great advanced file management information for Aperture users. Having been intimate with Aperture since its earliest development stages while working at Apple, I decided it was time to start sharing some of this knowledge and experience. From the eBook’s introduction:

I wrote the following 10 Tips to share a deeper knowledge and understanding of the power of Aperture’s file management offerings. Understanding these advanced options and controls can help you manage your files as your library grows, help you keep track of those tens of thousands of photographs, and help you solve problems that can be created by managing multiple libraries across multiple computers with multiple workflows. If you’re ready to make the move to “Aperture Power User”, this eBook is for you.

This eBook is 35 pages of advanced tips and step-by-steps, including screenshots and break-out bonus tips, to take you to the next level in Aperture. Here are the topics covered:

Tip #0 - Managed vs. Referenced Master Files (A Primer)

Tip #1 - Understanding Aperture File Names

Tip #2 – Renaming Files on Import

Tip #3 – Making Your Own “Rename On Import” Custom Preset

Tip #4 – Organizing Master Files in the Finder

Tip #5 – Embedding Critical Metadata on Import

Tip #6 – Making Your Own Metadata View

Tip #7 – Making Your Own Metadata Preset

Tip #8 – Naming and Sorting Projects in Aperture

Tip #9 – Handling Mismatched Time-Synced Cameras

Tip #10 – Reconnecting Missing Files

To purchase the eBook, just click the buttons below. The price is $14.97, but I’m offering it at an introductory price of just $9.97 for the first week!

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