I’m quite behind on blog entries now, with a trip to Slovenia including a shoot at a winery, a wedding, and now my “fall leaves and waterfalls” photo walk behind me, with a very hectic schedule in front of me and no idea when I’ll actually get to these things.

However I did put together a goofy little slideshow of photos from the photo walk last week, for a post on ApertureExpert.com. If you’re interested in how this was made, head to Aperture 3.1 + iLife ‘11 Slideshows, plus Publishing to YouTube Tips and read up on it.

And here’s the slideshow. It’s rendered at full 1080p, so go ahead and hit that full-screen button (and switch to 1080p if it doesn’t automatically)!

I’ll aim to get the proper full-rez photos online—eventually. (I’d just hit publish but I’d rather retouch and go through these carefully—this collection is literally a 30-second select.)


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