I’ve been absolutely loving a new free app on my iPhone, Instgram, which allows you to treat your photos with a collection of about a dozen one-click effects such as “X-Pro II”, “Lomo-fi”, “Lord Kelvin” and more, then share them on their server—as well as cross-posting to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and more. The treatments are really well done, the output image looks great, and the app is a pleasure to use.

In fact, I actually made an automatic rolling slideshow on the right of this page (under the Twitter feed) of the images as I post them, I’m enjoying these so much. Sweet!

Recently I tweeted that I couldn’t wait to get a couple hundred of these photos made so I could print a collage, and decided that I needed to test this out with just a few. The image output is only 500 pixels square, so if you want to print at 300 dpi, that’s only 1.67" square print, which is kinda small. I’ll try at 133 dpi, which I think will be just fine, and will give a 2.25" square print.

Here’s the test collage.

15 Instagram photos in a 5x3 collage. Each photo is 500 pixels square, so the collage is 2500 x 1500 pixels. Click to view the full size collage.

Ultimately printing one of these wall-size will be very cool indeed!