I posted a series of PhotoPlus Expo wrap-ups on Mac Create. Each of them are listed below.

PhotoPlus Expo 2010 wrap-up: SanDisk Extreme

SanDisk Extreme SD Card as seen at PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2010. Read the write-up on Mac Create.

In the world of digital photography, obviously our CF and SD cards are our film. But in a sense, they are far more precious than a roll of 36 frames on 35mm ever was. Now, our 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and even 64 GB cards can hold not just the last 36 trigger-pulls, but hundreds upon hundreds of photos on a single chip. Risky, to be certain. What if you dropped that card in a puddle while changing it? What if your underwater camera flooded? What if the a drunk wedding guest spilled his seventh scotch and soda all over your camera? Your camera gear is insured (it is insured… right?!) But your photos… are not.

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PhotoPlus Expo 2010 wrap-up: Harman Inkjet Paper

Harman Professional Inkjet paper by Hahnemühle as seen at PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2010. Read the write-up on Mac Create.

I can hear it now… “really? You went all the way to New York for PhotoPlus and you want to talk about paper?!”

Yep. I sure do. And here’s why… walking down the aisles at PhotoPlus, you see a lot of booths showing off the same thing. Galleries, or “galleries”, are common. What are they showing? Printers? Cameras? Photographers? Whatever… it all blends. It’s all a blur. I mean seriously, how can you tell the Epson from the HP from the whatever printer at a show like that? Put the SAME photo under the SAME light on the SAME paper and mount ‘em side-by-side, and yeah, I can tell the difference. Otherwise, it’s all 7-color inky mush and frankly, just pick one and cross your fingers.

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PhotoPlus Expo 2010 wrap-up: MOO Cards

MOO Cards

Everyone needs business cards. From CEOs to soccer moms, having your contact information on something you can quickly hand over, instead of playing the “I know I had a pen here somewhere… do you have anything to write on?” dance, being able to hand over a small, attractive, bite-size morsel of “here’s how to reach me” can be very handy indeed. But in these days of on-demand, cheap, full-color printing, seeing a standard 3.5” card on off-white, heavy stock, Helvetica, embossed with a touch of gold and blah blah blah is downright boring. A card like that is forgotten before it’s even found its way to the lint-filled back pocket of its recipient. If you want your calling card to be your, well, calling card, then you need something unique. Something clever. Something memorable.

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PhotoPlus Expo 2010 wrap-up: GO|BEE Card Holster

GO|BEE Woman’s Card Holster as seen at PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2010

GO|BEE is a small company out of San Diego, CA that makes just two products, and makes them very well—a memory card holster (holder) for men, and one for women. At PhotoPlus, GO|BEE founders Sara France and Lauren Hillary were showing off their current offerings, and sharing designs for the next generation with product owners interested in providing feedback from the current design.

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PhotoPlus Expo 2010 wrap-up: BlackRapid

BlackRapid RS-Sport Strap as seen at PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2010

If you’re not already familiar with the Black Rapid strap system, it’s basically an accros-the-chest strap that has a sliding bolt which attaches to your camera, allowing the camera to quickly slide from resting to shooting position without having to physically move the strap (or have it pull on your clothes). Various models range from simple-straps to loaded-with-pockets, a double-camera strap, one designed for the female shape, and the new sport version.

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