Hi TravelJunkie readers! I’m going to be traveling to Singapore then to Hong Kong towards the end of March… specifically I’ll be in Singapore from March 20-25, and Hong Kong from 25-29. I’m pretty busy in Singapore with the conference I’m speaking at, but hope to announce an Aperture seminar there very soon. HK however is pretty free at the moment. I’d love to do some kind of workshop, Aperture seminar, or at minimum a photowalk while there! Regardless, I’ll be wandering the streets, eating food from as many vendors as I can and photographing wherever I don’t get shooed away.

Truth is I haven’t actually bought the tickets I’m holding yet and beyond the cost going crazy, I can change plans with good reason for the next 24 hours… so, uh, make your request quick! Someone on Twitter asked me to stop by Perth… would love to but it triples the flight cost, so, not this time (unless you can fill a room with paying Aperture seminar attendees in 24 hours!) ;-)