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I had thrown out a request on twitter and TWiP to see if I could get some people together for a photowalk and/or an Aperture class while I was in Singapore. We had fantastic response to the photowalk with over 40 people signed up to go! Too bad on the day of, the rain was so heavy that I had to swim to the meeting place, and most of the walkers had been washed away (or scared off by a little monsoon-ish kinda thing). So there were just a few of us, but we made the most of it! One of the guys had a 580 EX II so we had multiple lights to play with. We wandered where we could, staying out of the rain, and ended up in this cool pedestrian tunnel and played with multiple lights in there for the afternoon.

Here’s a first shot just to see what we had. The tunnel had some ambient light in it, so that’s what you’re seeing here.

The pedestrian tunnel, no additional lights.

This is the “set” we built. Two Canon 580’s, on the ground, triggered by the ST-E2.

Two Canon 580 EX lights on the ground, triggered by an ST-E2.

And here’s the shot we were working towards. The shadow cast up on the ceiling was a cool element that we had fun playing with.

Final two-light Photowalk shot… Singapore, hiding from the rain!

A good day, rain or not ;-)

This is Part 2 in a series. Click here for parts [1], [3], & [4]