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Chili Crab. There is. Nothing. Else.

As part of the ADE conference, I had volunteered to lead a nighttime photowalk one evening after dinner. After a delicious feast of the famous Singaporean chili crab and about six hundred other plates of food at the “No Signboard Seafood Restaurant” we all waddled out into the warm night and moved (painfully, slowly) around the harbor. But first, some food p0rn.

Some kind of lovely soup. Honestly I couldn’t tell you what half this stuff was.Mmmm, crispy something. Mmmmmm…

What kind of foodie am I if I can’t tell you what those previous things were? I’ll tell you what kind of foodie I am. I’m a single-minded, “this is why I came to Singapore” kind of foodie. Chili Crab. Oh yes my darling, the spicy chili crab and oh-so-lovely sweet buns that accompany it. This was about the 17th course of the evening, which I’m sure they did so we wouldn’t eat too much of the Good Stuff. If you go, get the crab, sod the rest. Ohhh sweeeeet crraaaaaaabbbbb………

Oh yeah… here we go. Chili Crab.

Ok, *urp*, time to go shoot.

Nighttime Photowalk

Cameras in-tow varied from point-and-shoots to high-end dSLR’s, and levels of experience matched. We discussed how expose for the neon-lit night sky, how to steady a camera, and all sorts of other little tips.

Some of the simple harbor shots…

Singapore. At night. That’s the “Merlion” near the bottom (Mermaid + Lion… do the math)Cities are so pretty at night!

At the end of the walk we did an off-camera flash portrait, again using the ST-E2 and 580 EX and the now ever-present Honl light modifiers.

Off-camera single-flash night portrait of the lovely Praise.I’m not quite sure how we all made it back to the hotel from there. Must have been a lot of pushing and stumbling.

This is Part 3 in a series. Click here for parts [1][2], & [4]