I’m in Canada this weekend for another Apple ADE event. I am WAY behind on this blog, with loads of photos from China, a shoot on the U.S. Army Reserves Fort Hunter Liggett, and a vacation in Hawaii to photo edit and post about. However yesterday, I wasn’t out much during Canada Day and basically just shot some snaps of friends, then a few decent pictures during the fireworks show from the very fortunate vantage point of a colleague’s hotel room—so the edit was blissfully quick. I decided to pop the photos up to Flickr, which I’ve never really used before, just to see how it is. I miss all the back-end bits of SmugMug, but it sure was easy (nice little Flickr button in Aperture!) so what the hey… here they are. And people I don’t know are finding and viewing the photos on Flickr, which is quite nice. I obviously don’t shoot with hopes that no one will view my work… so who knows, maybe there’s something to this Flickr thing after all.

Anyway… firework shot over Ottawa below. Click the photo to open a few more.


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Also quite fun—this morning Derrick Story, who tweets for @Lowepro, tweeted to all; “Do you have a favorite fireworks shot you can share?”. I sent him the photo above, then one from the Beijing Olympics, and both have been posted to the Lowepro Facebook page. Cool!