I’ve been talking about releasing an iPad wallpaper pack for ages now, and just haven’t gotten around to it. I chatted with Trey Ratcliff (Mr. HDR, of Stuck In Customs) about it many weeks ago, and we agreed that the blurred background idea was a great one (which we both had independently, by the way). If you haven’t seen his packs, you gotta check those out, too.

I’m not going to release while I’m on the road; I know better than to rush something to the store. So instead I’ve decided to open a pre-sale, with the incentive that all pre-sale orders will receive an entire second pack for free!

That’s right, just order the first pack now (before I finish this cross-country road trip and package it up!) and when I send the download codes, you’ll get a second entire pack for free.

This is obviously a limited time offer, and at just $4.97 for a collection of the best of these photos you’re seeing scroll by from this journey, sized and made for your iPad, it’s a nice and affordable way to liven up your device (and support this crazy journey!). And that “blurred background” thing? That means that if you like, you can have the original photo on your lock screen, and a slightly blurred version of the same photo under your icons. It really is a nice effect, and I’ve been playing with them on my own iPad and iPhone for some time now.

Just click the magic buttons below, and within a week of my completion of this trip, you’ll have your two wallpaper packs!

((   ))

photo 2.PNG