This was a long drive, without too many stops. In fact, I drove right past the Cadillac Ranch and didn’t even realize it until 20 minutes later! I know, embarrassing. I need a “proximity app” on my iPhone that alerts me when I’m near a predetermined landmark. Anyone know of something like that? Shouldn’t be too hard now that there’s background processing on iOS 4, right?

Anyway, I didn’t go back. As much as I’d love to have seen and shot it, a) I actually did have people waiting for me for dinner that evening in Oklahoma (see last photo below), and b) I figure it’s been shot to death. So, onward and eastward I went.

A short collection of photos from the day’s drive then… These first four are all in Texas, racing across the panhandle. I didn’t realize it’s actually possible to drive across the great state of Texas in just a few hours!

Upon entering Oklahoma, the landscape changed quite dramatically. OK I’m shooting what was dramatically different, but there you go :-)

The next shot illustrates why I was in a hurry to get on to Oklahoma, and skipped returning to Cadillac Ranch. My new friend Carl Shortt (@cshortt), who invited me to stay at his home and showed me all around Oklahoma City, was waiting here with other friends at this amazing fried chicken place called Eischen’s. Seriously amazing fried chicken!!

The following day he toured me around they city, and we even met up with another twitter follower and This Week in Photo fan, Gunnar Hood (@gunnarhood). But those photos will have to wait for another post. I gotta hit the road!