This is a fairly new construction on historical Route 66, and it’s already a “must-see” on many lists. It’s a fantastic throw-back to a time long gone, and an absolute pleasure to see. It’s always heartwarming to see something constructed with care, with love, and with humor. This gas station, restaurant and obviously soda shop on Route 66 is all of those things, selling hundreds of types of soda from all around the world.

The big neon soda bottle out front begged a sunrise shot, and finding the exact moment when the light balanced between the sky, the giant bottle and the lights inside the store and under the awning took some patience, but it all came together in the end.

And for the record, I had a peach soda with breakfast. Hey, at least it’s a fruit!!

The website for Pops is but at the time of this writing the site was down.

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