My final day of driving…

From Nasvhille, Tennessee, through North Carolina, Georgia for a touch, and finally ending in Anderson, South Carolina. And the road down… is the Tail of the Dragon.

One end of the Dragon. I was there mid-week, so the roads were nearly empty. I’ve seen video of this place on the weekend… insane. What’s the point of driving it with 1,000 other enthusiasts (and just as many cops)? It was blissfully peaceful while I was out.

The warm water and cool air cause a mist to sit on top of the lake. Very mysterious looking.

To the right is one of the dams on Calderwood Lake. Check out the view from space, too.

The victims of the Dragon. And we all know what you have to sacrifice to the dragon to appease her.

Misty mountains of the Nantahala National Forest in North Carolina.