What an amazing journey it was. A little recap…

I left Caprinteria, California the evening of Saturday, Aug 07, 2010 to drive across the country. Final destination: Anderson, South Carolina. I wanted to get across Los Angeles, spend the night in Joshua Tree, and begin the journey fresh from there on Sunday morning.

California to Arizona to New Mexico to Texas to Oklahoma to Arkansas to Tennessee to North Carolina to Georgia to South Carolina. Ten nights on the road, staying in Joshua Tree, Phoenix, White Sands, Santa Fe, Santa Rosa, Oklahoma City, Little Rock, and Nashville. With all the detours, 3,000 miles driven.

I stopped when I wanted to, shot what I needed to, ate more than I should have. I met old friends and made new ones along the way. I fell in love with parts of this country I’d never seen, stood in awe of epic natural beauty, and more than once wondered why the hell so many of us cram into cities like Los Angeles when there’s more than enough space for everyone out here. (I can hear you New Mexican’s now… shhhh don’t tell them!!)

I made an effort to shoot every sunrise and every sunset. Didn’t catch them all, and some didn’t catch me, but I collected a few along the way.

I’ll be assembling a picture book and offering that on this site. It was such a beautiful journey, and I’m very pleased with many of the photos made, and I hope you’ll support the effort and consider adding the book to your collection. Soon I’ll be assembling the Wallpaper pack, as well. [Edit: it’s here]

Here’s a collection of every entry to this log along the way. Also the photos can be viewed on flickr, here.

Driving Across the Country; California to South Carolina

Cross Country Drive Starts Tomorrow!

And So It Begins…

Carpinteria to Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree to Phoenix

Phoenix Fire Station 42

Sunrise Over Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ to Alamogordo, NM

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

Beautify Your iPad (Or Any Device) with Images from Across America

Alamogordo, NM to Santa Fe, NM

Abandoned Shop in Duran, NM

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Sunset on Route 66, Between Santa Fe and Santa Rosa, NM

Blue Hole, in Santa Rosa, NM

Santa Rosa, NM to Oklahoma City, OK

The “Oklahoma Standard”

Sunset on Lake Hefner, Oklahoma City

Pops on Route 66

Truck Fire on I-40 in Arkansas

Sunrise Over Little Rock, Arkansas

Memphis, Elvis, and Dr. King

Nashville, TN — Loveless Cafe, Neon and… the Parthenon?!

Tail of the Dragon

Thanks to everyone who supported me on this journey. Followers on twitter, listeners of TWiP, friends and family.

The final photo. Just before leaving North Carolina for a short stint in Georgia, the sun set, the rainbow bowed, and the traffic lights turned red one last time.

This is the end. Beautiful Friend. This is the end.

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