As I sat at my desk today, a flicker of movement on the patio caught my eye. I looked, and saw two little immobile lumps on the ground. One, a pile of peacock turd (yeah, it’s like that out here). The other… the littlest frog!

He was very patient with me as I squeezed off a few shots of his massive 1” torso before he hop hop hopped away…

A Cricket Frog, or a Tree Frog? I’m not really sure… he’s only about 1” long!

Through my extensive research (i.e., 30 seconds on Google) I concluded that it’s either a Cricket Frog or a Tree Frog. Or, something else entirely. I don’t know. This is in the Anderson, South Carolina area, on Lake Hartwell, if anyone really wants to figure it out and set me right. I see loads of them in the morning scattering off the path as I walk to the lake. This is the first time I’ve seen one when I was awake enough to operate my camera.

Canon EOS 5D MK II, 100mm Macro lens, 1/1250th second at ƒ4.5, Speedlite 580EX on High Speed Sync, handheld and triggered by an ST-E2, with a Honl Speed Grid (you can see the grid in his eye!).