I’m the proud new owner of the coveted FujiFilm X100, and took it out for a little spin today. I happened upon a small protest in downtown Ashland, OR where people were carrying signs to “STOP Corporate GREED”, calling for the country to be run by the working class, and painting chalk peace drawings on the sidewalk.

It’s a small town… I think anyone with a cross to bear brought it out today. If there was a consistent message, it was lost on me. Even the two local news vans (look… small town, big news) looked bored to tears.

The highlight was the 87 year old woman who asked to sing acapella, just because there was a microphone.

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One thing I really love about this camera is how quiet it is. It’s virtually silent, and if there’s any noise around at all, the only confirmation I have that I’ve even taken a photo (because I turned off the beeps and the image preview) is that the hybrid viewfinder lines flicker off when the photo is made. Wicked cool.



And apparently it’s legal to carry your gun like this here. Goodness.

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