On April 04, 2011 I was asked to shoot NASA’s new Mars rover “Curiosity” at the Pasadena NASA JPL lab for BoingBoing.net, in the first and only “public” (media, invite only) unveiling. Turned out to be a fine idea… so far the photos have been picked up by BoingBoing (complete photo gallery and Xeni’s interview with Ashwin Vasavada), MSNBC (scroll to the slideshow at the bottom of the story; a few interspersed are mine), Gizmodo, Engadget, CrunchGear and The Daily ([dead link] the Friday April 08 2011 issue).

Here's my gallery. Enjoy!

NOTE: I get a lot of requests to use these images for noncommercial use. If you are involved with NASA or education and want to use an image in a presentation, go right ahead. Please credit me as "© Joseph Linaschke 2011, photojoseph.com/curiosity". You don't need to tell me in advance but please do let me know how it is/was being used (it's just nice to hear!). If you would like an image for commercial use, please contact me for licensing fees. 

PRINTS: If you would like a print of an of these images, please contact me.