The same morning of the sunrise in yesterday’s post we visited the local fishing village. If you look closely in the first sunrise photo (which, by the way, was the clear favorite among you, thanks!), you’ll see fishermen in their basket boats making their way to shore to sell their catch.

The fishing village is, like much of Vietnam, organized chaos. Dozens (hundreds?) of fishermen and women come to shore, and hundreds of local families, merchants, restaurants and more clamor for the best catch. Everything you can imagine — and some you probably couldn’t — are available here. I’ll not spoil the fun and will post more photos in the future of some of the more surprising foods, but here’s a favorite shot of a pile of squid being dumped to be sorted and sold.

Squid caught in the South China Sea in Mui Ne, Vietnam

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There are so many things about this scene that I love. Most obviously, the pile of squid. Not laid out on a plastic matt, not put on a sterile table, but simply dumped in a pile on the sand to be sorted later. Next, the colors. On a recent education job in Canada, someone remarked that the colors in Vietnam appear so vibrant—that we wouldn’t see these colors here in North America; at least not in such abundance. And I suppose there’s some truth to that. Look at these common plastic baskets; the yellow and blue are so vibrant. The incredible red of the pants in the background. Even the red rubber glove holding onto the baskets. The colors assault the senses in Vietnam, competing with the flavors of the food. Flavors for your eyes, I suppose.

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