As you photographers all know there are times when a color combination will simply leap out and grab you by the scruff of the shirt and demand to be photographed. This was one of those times.

Within the first hour of walking the streets of Hội An, after a deeply satisfying lunch of Com Ga (chicken and rice), we stumbled past these gloriously painted powder blue shutters on a pale yellow wall, and the lovely Alenka’s bright red shirt simply finished the story. A quick pose, a few shots and off we went. The photo looked great in camera, and even better on screen.

Alenka and the Blue Window

Click to fill your screen with this photo!

This photograph was made with my “little camera”, the Panasonic Lumix GF1 with the 20mm ƒ1.7 pancake lens. This is my street camera, the one I’ll carry when I don’t feel like lugging the dSLR. I really enjoy shooting with it, but if you’re thinking of buying one, definitely pick up the electronic viewfinder for it. I do not like looking at the back of a camera to compose; I want to have my eye up to a viewfinder. The electronic one on this camera does not disappoint; my favorite feature is that it tilts, so you can look down into the camera—it’s somehow much less imposing when doing street photography. The price of this thing has shot way up for some reason. It’s probably discontinued now, and I know it was succeeded by the GF2. But I don’t like the GF2—I like the mechanical dials of the GF1, where the GF2 went more electronic and modern-looking.

If you’re not already, you should follow Alenka on twitter @AlenkaDesign, and check out her website, She’s a graphic designer and is, like all of us freelancers, always on the hunt for new clients!