Back to the fishing village! I still have a few more shots to share from that morning that I’ll pepper throughout the next few posts.

Check out that basket of squid. Is that not a big pile of calamari just begging for a frying pan, some garlic and butter and parsley? Oh good, now I’m hungry again.

How anyone can look at a bucket of squishy, slimy, distorted sea creatures like this and thing “mmm, dinner!” is beyond me. Yet I do it. Oh yes… I do. Does that make me weird?

Squishy Squid in Mũi Né, Vietnam

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There’s something about this next photo that I really enjoy. I suppose it’s the symmetry of it; that’s what caught my eye in the first place. I fired off a sequence as people were crossing back and forth in front of her, and this was the one that came out best. There’s a lot I would change on this shot if I could; I should have shot it with shallower depth of field, and of course I wish the guy in the striped shirt wasn’t there, and the fellow in the checked shirt wasn’t reaching across and breaking the line of her leg, but whatcha gonna do. It’s the real world, not a studio, and sometimes you get it… sometimes you don’t.

A squid and a squat

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Regardless, I still like the photo, but I might be too close to it. What do you think? Keep it or kill it?

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