I decided that I’d been posting too much from one place lately, and that this was silly, since I have thousands of photos to share that are from all over the world. So, now we’re gonna mix things up a bit :)

This is a photo of a Yorti Yorta man named Urrunda, made in Sydney, Australia in July 2008. He was sitting on the sidewalk creating and selling art, and had some beautiful work. We talked for a while and he explained several pieces, and I ultimately bought the one you see below. It’s a dotted painting of the Rainbow Serpent; the Creator of the Universe. It’s a little hard to see in this photo (the piece is in storage now so I can’t take a straight-on shot, sorry), but the serpent is wrapped around and around, and in the center you see it’s head eating it’s own tail. It symbolizes infinity, or infinite life, if I recall. This is probably my favorite “souvenir” from any trip I’ve ever made. It’s so much more meaningful than a trinket bought at the local curio shop.

I did post a very small, color version of this picture back in 2008, but I just resurrected it and created a new B&W version with Silver Efex Pro II. Love this plug-in.

Urrunda, a Yorti Yorta Man from Syndey Australia

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Urrunda, a Yorti Yorta Man from Syndey Australia.

Rainbow Serpent, the Creator

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The painted Rainbow Serpent, the Creator, that I purchased.