The Road Behind

(each link is to an Instagram photo from @travel_junkie or @alenkadesign)

The drive from the Middle of Nowhere, Kansas to Denver, Colorado was somewhat uninspiring. For the first part of the day, seeing something, anything, was an event to photograph. We passed a small windmill farm, and I questioned where Don Quixote was. I even tried really hard to make the vista more interesting with Instagram filters, but failed miserably. At one point the road curved, which was fascinating. As one facebook poster commented, “AGH! Untie the wheel! Turn off the cruise control!”. True, true.

OMG! the road turns! HOLD ON!!! #sc2or

We stopped for a much needed caffeine break in Colby and decided against a snack of fried fried stuff, then after some indeterminate period of time, were finally welcomed to colorful Colorado, although Alenka lamented the lack of hills to go along with the (lack of) color.

The weather looked like it might turn for the worse, which made for a pull-off-the-highway-worthy iPhone photo, where a Colorado state trooper was kind enough to pull over and ensure we were OK. That had to be the highlight of the day.

Weather. #sc2or

Finally to Denver, where we stayed at a B&B found on, walking distance to the Cherry Creek part of town and home to a new and wonderful “tacos and tequila” restaurant called Machete, which serves all kinds of “street food” deliciousness, some wonderful salsas and very very strong and creative margaritas (think jalapeño and cilantro muddled tequila). Yum.

The Road Ahead

The plan from Denver was originally to go straight up I-25 to I-80 and over to Salt Lake City, but we’ve decided to break that trip into two days and instead pass through Boulder and then the US-40 through the mountains. We will probably stay in Steamboat Springs tonight, or somewhere slightly past that, and at the moment we’re still deciding if we should go from Boulder north through the Rocky Mountains National Park, or south and visit historic Georgetown. We may not decide until we stop in Boulder, and of course we’re always soliciting your opinions!

Also the journey through there should fill the camera coffers with more beautiful vistas than open-prairie Instagram snapshots ;-)

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