Google+ Contest

Current Statistics

  • 559 downloads of original RAW file
  • 249 submissions
  • 93 Google+ Shares
  • 25 Google+ +1’s

The comments are rolling in!

Growth in the contest has slowed down, which is just fine, and I’ve been seeing a lot of comments come streaming past, so that’s great. Don’t forget to look at the other contestants’ photos while you’re in there… if you want them looking at yours, you gotta look at theirs! Ask questions of the artist, complement or complain, whatever you like… just get that dialog going!

It’s one of the greatest things about being a photographer in this age—the ability to share and learn from others so easily. I’ve never encountered a community online that’s as generous as photographers with information about their art. Don’t forget to be a part of it!

My version for Day 5

I went back to Aperture for today’s image, and used a plug-in that I don’t often use, but is from a company I love — Color Efex Pro 3.0 by Nik Software. This is one of their included presets, “Glamour Glow”, with some minor tweaks, a subtle crop, and a bit of burning on the wall to the right to push it farther into the background.

This version was treated with Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro 3.0 based on the “Glamour Glow” preset. Click to view larger.

The Next Contest

Yep, I’m already scheming the next contest! It’ll be completely different than this one, and done in a much more limited time frame. I’ll work out all the logistics and post details tomorrow or the next day. Stay tuned!