Google+ Contest

Current Statistics

  • 593 downloads of original RAW file
  • 274 submissions
  • 113 Google+ Shares
  • 29 Google+ +1’s

A little spike is nice…

Looks like I got a share from a Google+ official last night, which brought some more people in this morning. Nice! And a note for those just joining… if you feel like it’s not fair that your image won’t have as long to be judged, just remember that we’re all in this for fun, and I’ve been thinking about how to accomodate that for the next contest!

Next Contest? Oh yeah…

The next contest will be totally different! I’m going to announce a date and time, for example, Saturday from 1200 GMT to 1500 GMT, in advance. Everyone who wants to participate just needs to be in my Photographers circle (if you have participated in the current contest, you’re in. If you don’t think you’re in, comment on G+ and I’ll add you). I’ll announce the topic at that exact start time, and you’ll have three hours to shoot, edit and upload your photo. After the deadline, the gallery will be closed to submissions, and the voting will commence!

What will the topic be? Since it’s a universal time, not a local time, it won’t be anything like “sunrise”. It’ll be more generic or esoteric, like “tree” or “happiness” or “the color mauve”. Obviously it will be harder for people in some regions of the world to participate, but don’t worry… assuming this is successful I’ll do it again and again, and always shift the times.

The idea is a “global photowalk”, where we all go out at the same time, everywhere in the world, and shoot! I think it’ll be a hoot.

I haven’t quite figured out judging yet for this one. I want to do it by +1s, but there doesn’t appear to be any way to compare all the +1s in a gallery. The current one is tallied by comments, which is OK but isn’t ideal. I want it to be easy for people to vote, and obviously clicking the +1 button is easy. So I need to figure that out first. I’ve reached out to a couple people at G+ who’ve already stopped by this contest, but haven’t heard back. Fingers crossed! And of course if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

Once I have the logistics all figured out, I’ll launch it.

Oh, and my buddy Chris Fenwick reminded me yesterday that this was basically an idea he shared with me in July of last year. So shout-out to Fen, who gets credit for this concept, even if I forgot it was his :) If you need to know anything about advanced video editing, check out his blog at

My version for Day 6

Today for mine I went back to textures, since that seems to be so popular. I chose to use my own preset pack again (hey, whatcha gonna do) ApertureExpert PresetPack#4 Textures using preset TextureStack 9 | RGB Subtle. These preset packs are made using Trey Ratcliff’s textures, so you know the source is good :) I tweaked only the first instance of Curves, reversing the curve to darken instead of lighten that portion of the image, and did nothing more.

If you’re an Aperture user and didn’t think you could apply textures without leaving the app… think again ;)

Treated only in Aperture 3 with ApertureExpert PresetPack#4 Textures (preset TextureStack 9 | RGB Subtle) Click to view in the gallery