PhotoJoseph is back home in the cold from his trip to Oaxaca. Traveling with his equipment inspired him to talk about the best "Case Scenario". He showed us the pictures that he took, along with stories attached to them. Joseph also brought the edelkrone SliderONE with him down to Mexico, and seemed to have some fun testing it out. And to end out the week, Joseph's assistant, Ryan, brought in a lens kit for the iPhone.

Traveling with your gear can either be stressful or stress-free...which would you prefer? 

(Because of the shaky signal yesterday, PhotoJoseph is re-doing the topic for today) The Pelican Hard Case is perfect for keeping your equipment safe. 

Today we're looking at some of the photos from the Oaxacan Light Tour workshop in Oaxaca, Mexico!

Let's see a few clips from my first use of the Edelkrone SliderONE and Motion Module in the field, from Oaxaca, Mexico! 

My assistant, Ryan, got this cool little INSIGNIA Mobile Photography kit for Christmas... let's see how it works!