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Richard Don Simms, Banjo Player at the USO at DFW

Several years ago (2008 to be exact) on a layover in DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) I walked past the USO and out front a fellow by the name of Richard Don Simms was playing the Banjo. He plays nearly every Thursday afternoon there, so if you find yourself in DFW on a Thursday, be sure to look for him.

He called me completely out of the blue yesterday. Said he’d found my card, and just wanted to call and say “hi”. What a kind gentleman!

Click the montage below for a better view…

Richard Don Simms at the USO in DFW airport

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Flying out of Dallas

Again, really, I didn't know you got snow like this in Dallas.

Shortly after take-off

Still, shortly after take-off

OK this isn't even Texas anymore, but it's pretty



Saltgrass Steak House, Texas

Since I was stuck in Dallas overnight, I made the best of it and found me sum good eat's!

I posted a few of these photo from the restaurant last night; now posting them together properly.

So this is the place. Real Texas. I guess. I wouldn't know Texas if I was there. I mean, it's SNOWING after all!

So. This is a jalapeño. Stuffed with a whole shrimp (see the tail?). And Jack cheese. And fried. I mean… seriously?! (yeah… it was good)

OK this is what I came for… meat! T-bone steak, served rare. Really, really good beef. Marbled beautifully. Delicious.

Saltgrass Steak House, North Arlington (it's a chain)

2200 East Lamar Blvd. Arlington, TX 76006

(817) 640-3880

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rating: 4 feet

verdict: That was a damn fine steak. I'd definitely hit that again!