“Pink” iStockPhoto Submission Approved and Online!

This was very exciting… I submitted my first batch of iStock photos as a collection, and all but one were approved. The rejected on was rejected for being “too similar” to the others. Hmm, it’s definitely a different angle. I’ve appealed, so we’ll see, but in the meantime… these are up and ready to license! Check it out on iStockPhoto.com.

My “Pink” collection on iStockPhoto. Click the image to open the search results on iStockPhoto.com


Last week’s “Pink” shoot. The only light here is the backlight; any light on the front is wraparound or reflection. The model is standing in front of a 4’x6’ softbox with a 600w Profoto blasting through. I love the way the light glints on the chain necklace, the translucent earrings, and of course through her hair. And yes, her hair really is that color.

These images will be submitted to iStock. Click any photo to see the complete gallery (16 images).