Been trying to find a good way to use multiple @fiilexled lights in a single modifier. As much as I love LED, it's just nowhere near as bright as a strobe. Different tool for different use. But I love big light; big umbrellas, soft boxes, etc. Problem is that most modifiers are designed for a single light to go through a hole in the back, and the LED lights just aren't bright enough to be diffused. Then I found that @westcottlighting makes the 43" Apollo Orb, designed so you insert the light stand through a zippered hole in the side of the umbrella, so the light sits inside, facing backwards. Add a Westcott Triple Threat Bracket to that and I can mount up to three Fiilex LED lights in one umbrella! This is incredible, and allows me to switch from stills to video and maintain fast, low ISO exposures for both. Especially clever for shooting in 4K Photo Mode on @lumixusa cameras in the studio! These photos show it on its side as I've got it mounted on an arm on a c-stand. #LUMIXLOUNGE #tw #fjwestcott #fiileled, July 02, 2015 at 03:05PM