A heavily HDR'd image of the hotel lobby

I was hired by a company representing Groupon to photograph a local hotel for an upcoming Groupon deal (going on now, Monday December 3, for another seven days). I've done Groupon shoots before, and what's interesting is that for venues like this, they always want bracketed shots for HDR. They don't do intense HDR, but they do combine images to show the interior and view through the window, for example.

As this was a local job I just posted the images on my Ashland page, if you care to see the Groupon page in-action.

Personally I was much more interested in taking the photos to an extreme in HDR. For those who know me, you'll know I'm not usually a big fan of HDR and haven't done much of it myself. However this hotel lobby really felt like an image that would turn out well, and I was very pleased with the way it did!

Here are some more examples, and it really showed me a lot about doing intense HDR images. Pointing out flaws in these photos, look for the movement in trees outdoors, amplified streaks on the glass desk, and notice the wrinkles in the bed spreads! I think if I were go to back and shoot this again specifically for this type of HDR, I'd have to have each blanket steamed, the glass meticulously cleaned, and overall put much, much greater attention to detail in setting the scene.

Hover over a photo for a description of what's good and bad about these HDR composites.