It's been another week with lots of future planning and boring office work, but a few exciting things did manage to happen…

A big proposal

I put quite a few hours this week into planning what will hopefully be a really awesome shoot in February. Until the bid is signed it's not a sure thing so I won't go into details, but I will say that in working with a producer on project of this scope, it's been quite eye opening to see what really can go into — and what it can really cost — to do a large scale video and still production. Hopefully this comes together and I can talk about the project a bit more soon!

Another late night broadcast "test"

I kicked off another late night live broadcast test, this time integrating an iOS device into it as well. As always there are still tweaks to make, but I feel like I'm in the last few percent of completing this thing. Have I said that before? ;-) Here's the video (the content doens't start until 15 seconds in, sorry)… 

SOFaM Party

I'm a member of a local film group called SOFaM, or Southern Oregon Film and Media, which is a local resource for any talent in the film and media business to find each-other, and to be found. Southern Oregon is an amazing place to shoot, and we're getting more and more recognized for that. In fact, in 2015 Ashland was named the #1 small town in the country to live and work as a moviemaker by MovieMaker Magazine! You can read that article here. Anyhow, SOFaM was originally created by my friend Gary Kout, a local film producer who does work for some pretty impressive clients, including Apple. This annual gala was in honor of Gary's contributions to the group, and it was lovely to be present. 

 Gary Kout, speeching it up at the SOFaM gala in Ashland, Oregon

Gary Kout, speeching it up at the SOFaM gala in Ashland, Oregon

Off-camera flash blog post

I've been meaning to do this for a long time and finally got it done this week… I wrote about how you can use the tiny little LUMIX LX100 flash on a LUMIX GX8 camera as the trigger for remote lights. But to make it interesting to all, the post is more about the technique, and not just about one specific camera model. You can read it here… enjoy!

 The LX100 flash on a GX8 body, triggering two other lights wirelessly

The LX100 flash on a GX8 body, triggering two other lights wirelessly

Another DIY video

It looks like I was behind a week, as another video has already been released! In this one, I show how to build a v-flat on the cheap. This tip comes courtesy of my friend and fellow photographer Chris Briscoe (who happens to be the man who shot my current bio photo that I love so much). Thanks Chris! 

As always, you can watch this video for free until the next video is released (typically a two week schedule), or you can sign up for a 10-day free trial and watch them all, at any time. 

 The latest video from  "The DIY Photographer" is out

The latest video from  "The DIY Photographer" is out

Next week… 

Speaking of, this coming week a crew from Lynda is coming here, to my studio in Ashland, to shoot another course! This isn't DIY; this is a completely different course. We are usually asked not to talk about what they are until they're released, but I'm sure we'll get some BTS photos posted on Instagram throughout the week. I'm really excited to be able to do this, and thrilled that this time they are coming to me. Thanks, Lynda!