I got really good at writing a regular blog post on here for a while… but then I started a new video thing called "PhotoJoseph's Photo Moment" and started to neglect this blog! Silly me.

Every weekday at 9:30am I go live on Facebook to do a "PhotoJoseph’s Photo Moment" — and the topic can be anything photography related. I might talk about a job I'm on or getting ready for, a technique I want to share, or even just basic photo 101 education! 

I'll start adding them here individually, but for now here's the latest one, and then a link to all the others. Enjoy!

Have you ever wondered about the differences between RAW and JPEG formats? PhotoJoseph breaks down the specifics of image formatting. - Did you know? You can watch these LIVE on Facebook.com/PhotoJoseph every weekday at 9:30 am Pacific time? You can ask questions in realtime!