Well that was another busy week. We're going to do something different and start the re-cap at the weekend. After the reception of last week's GH5 Autofocus test footage video, PhotoJoseph decided to trim it down and gave us a video explaining his decision. Moving on, (as we all would concerning autofocus), Monday was an early morning and a long day. After a 5:30am flight, Max Yuryev and PhotoJoseph spent the day together testing out the LUMIX GH5. Nothing really of note happened on Tuesday. Wednesday kicked off a three-part series on showing the individual pieces that come together to form PhotoJoseph's Broadcast Room (think Power Rangers or Voltron). Wednesday covered Cameras and Switchers, Thursday covered Lighting and Sound, And Friday covered Switching, Capture, and Streaming. We also had an extra live stream on Friday when PhotoJoseph delivered the official announcement from Panasonic about the GH5 Autofocus.

I uploaded a GH5 Autofocus video a few days ago showing the progression of adjusting settings in the GH5's custom autofocus settings. Unfortunately this has done more harm than good, as many people are saw the steps leading up to good settings as "proof" that the GH5 has poor AF capabilities.

PhotoJoseph Traveled up to Washington to meet with Max Yuryev so they can tackle the GH5 together. Not only do they plan to figure out the Autofocus, but they're planning a bit more too.

PhotoJoseph is on his way home after spending a day with Max Yuryev and testing out the GH5. 

You've been asking for this for a LONG time, and I'm finally doing it... the detailed tour of my live broadcast / recording studio! This is part 1, and we'll start with cameras and the switcher. 

This is part 2 of a long-awaited tour of my broadcast studio. Today we're focusing on lighting, set and sound. 

And now for part 3 of the live broadcast studio tour. It all comes together in the switching, and gets to you via streaming... let's look at how this all works!

This is an official statement from Panasonic regarding the LUMIX GH5 video autofocus concerns. The statement reads as follows: ==== "We recommend to select 1-area AF in 30p or 60p frame rate for more comfortable Auto Focus speed. When you select 24p, 1-area AF is recommended.