Summer is just around the corner! Got any travel plans in the works? Joseph will be in Chicago later in June, (maybe its a good time to see the windy city and catch a blues show 😜). We start this round up with the single show from the previous week… and it was a big one too! The GH5, GH5S, and the G9 all got firmware updates that were packed full of improvements, notably to autofocus and shutter angle. Moving on to this past week, if you tuned-in to the live show on Monday, you witnessed a treat that happens once a year (well, twice, but there's only one WWDC Keynote). Joseph re-streamed the Keynote, and gave live commentary/reactions during the presentation. Sadly, we don't have that footage for you, but following the Keynote, Joseph and his live viewers dissected everything they saw. On Wednesday was an AMA show, those are always interesting to watch because the content is ultimately decided by our live viewers. And finally, on Friday, Joseph gave you guys an extra long show full of amazing information if you are looking to coordinate a multicam event.

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Panasonic released a significant firmware update for the LUMIX GH5 (v2.3), GH5S and G9 (v.1.1) cameras. The update is packed full of goodies, most notably the Autofocus shutter angle fix. Let's see what else is new! TABLE OF CONTENTS...
Did you watch the Apple WWDC 2018 Keynote? This is the post-show wrap-up / commentary! Hardware where? macOS Mojave & iOS 12 when? True Parental control in iOS 12 Finally! Group Facetime. App store updates. Games and Augmented Reality... there was a lot they presented... and there was a bit noticeably missing.
It's an AMA (ask me anything). The LIVE viewers who showed up asked a wide array of questions on today's show including "How to shoot in HDR on the GH5", how my talk-back mic system works, my preferred RAW editor for iOS, and so much more.

Planning to shoot a multi-camera live event? These tips and checklist (scroll down to snag the checklist!) will help to ensure you get the most from pre-production, the event, and post-production so you don't miss anything critical!