Well that was a fun week for PhotoJoseph Studios! We had the Q&A show on Monday where Joseph was asked questions on topics like the GH5's screen dimming. The Q&A is always a great show to watch if you are looking for hidden gems of info. Tuesday was the big day. The Photo Moments turned 1-year-old! Instead of the regular format, that show was actually held as a Google Hangout. Many of the regular viewers took the time to join us in the hangout, and it was a really fun time! (Side Note: If you support PhotoJoseph's Patreon, then there will be Google Hangout sessions planned for those donating at the $10 and above level). On Wednesday, there was an unboxing of the Tenba Cinelux Roller 21, fairly straight forward. On Thursday PhotoJoseph did a live review of the Mevo camera by Live Stream (lent to him by Live Stream Pros). And finally, on Friday, Joseph shared with us a sort of "behind the scenes" look at what he does with his real estate photography. 

It's Q&A time... if you asked a big question in the last week and I tagged your comment for answering, this is where you'll find it! 

It's been a YEAR already, can you believe it?! What started as a silly idea and broadcasting from my phone to Facebook, is now up to a full fledged daily live show with live Q&A, guests, product reviews, and so much more.
B&H and Tenba sent out the new "Tenba Cinelux Roller 21" - and they don't even want it back! I love Tenba gear. They really make some of the best bags. This is likely to be a pretty positive review... but let's see what I, and you, think!

Have you seen the Mevo by Livestream? Man, this is one cool streaming device!

I just did a nice Real Estate shoot yesterday using the GH5, and wanted to share the process, camera settings, and more.