We had a light work-week while PhotoJoseph had friends in town… only three shows this week. We start on Tuesday, where PhotoJoseph waited patiently all day for a package to arrive. Did i say patiently? I meant eagerly! The package contained the DJI Spark, and it is Joseph's first drone. We now jump to Thursday, where Joseph broadcasted his maiden voyage…kind of. YouTube has the ability to record videos with multiple camera angles that you can switch between (which you should be able to do with the embedded video, you can find the camera switch in the bottom right of the interface controls). We thought that would be a good idea for this show, and it would have… except an integral part of the setup failed. Oh well. (We're going to try it again this coming Tuesday). And finally, on Friday, we had a guest! Fellow LUMIX Luminary Rob Knight Joined the Photo Moment to have a discussion on Photo Workflows on iOS vs MacOS. 

Always remember you can catch the Photo Moments LIVE every weekday at 9:30am PT.

It's here, it's here! I ordered a DJI Spark from B&H. Let's get this thing out of the box! 

Watch the drone angle; its WAY better! https://youtu.be/irIV4e2Jt4k WELL 💩... that was a totally successful flight and a total failure multi-cam broadcast. *** The iPad connected to the Mevo overheated in the sun and shut down, so we lost the Mevo stream.
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