For everyone in the USA, we here at PhotoJoseph Studios hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend. We sure did! The Photo Moments had a very short week. We actually start with the second show from last Friday (June 30th). PhotoJoseph was out flying his drone when a simple crash sent the drone flying in a random direction, and he couldn't find it for 20 minutes, inspiring him to figure out how to locate the drone using his phone. Now fast forward to Thursday. As a part of PhotoJoseph's GH5 Training Course, he learned how to work with V-Log L. This video just scratches the surface, go to to pre-order the whole course (before the price increases). And finally, on Friday, Joseph shared his experience and insight on the topic of being targeted by scammers and how to not fall victim to them. There is a very common scam used to target photographers, and Joseph decided to have some fun with it when he fell into their crosshairs.

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I lost/crashed my DJI Spark Drone, Ooooops!!! (Drone n00b). But, I found it... here's how!

I shot some sample footage for V-Log on the course and want to share a little bit of this! This is just a basic beginning overview. If you want all of the info I've compiled on V-Log, then my GH5 Training Course is what you are looking for.
I got scammed!! Hahahaha oh no, I didn't... but they sure tried. And you know what... I may have actually come out ahead. Listen to my story. Hopefully my experience will provide some insight on how to spot a scam and how to not be a victim / beat the scammer.