Another week done. PhotoJoseph was in LA on Monday, traveling for a Panasonic meeting. He stopped just long enough, after he got off the plane and before he got picked up, to stream live and tell us about the GX80/85 kits that he found while answering a viewer's question. He was in town over night, and flew back the next morning… so if you are looking for Tuesday's Photo Moment, it got lost in the clouds on the way back. Wednesday's show, due to travel schedules, wasn't so much planned ahead of time as it was a bit of a "grab-bag" of little things that couldn't fill a solo show. On Thursday, Joseph showed us the new Lightroom LUMIX profiles for the GX8, G7, and the GX/85. And finally, Friday is now called Mevo Friday, (just so you are all aware). What started out as a normal Friday morning for Joseph outside of the studio quickly turned into something a bit more eventful. He streamed the Photo Moment from his back patio… which wasn't actually the original plan. He got the DJI Spark stuck in a tree… 40ft above a rock… which was surrounded by water… dangling by a skinny twig. Keep an eye on the PhotoJoseph YouTube Channel to see the video of us getting it back. We here at PhotoJoseph Studios hope you have a great weekend.

Always remember you can catch the Photo Moments LIVE every weekday at 9:30am PT.

Joseph is on the road today, but since it is Monday, why not answer a viewer's question? Eliocometto asked (through Instagram), "Hi joseph! I follow your work and I always see your videos on YouTube and I really love it! So.. I would like to buy my first mirrorless camera mainly for photo and I saw the GX80/GX85...

It's one of those shows... not everything can be planed out in advance. Between travel schedules, live schedules, recording, and editing, Joseph just didn't have a single topic to talk about today. There's an update to the scam story, two unboxings, and ongoing Q&A.

A recent Adobe Lightroom update adds color profile support for a bunch of LUMIX cameras... let's check 'em out!

I'll be going live from somewhere, somehow, in the big wide universe... which is actually my back patio.